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Peruvian Superfoods Show Strong Growth in Asia

Exquisite resources and an inexhaustible larder of fruits, grains, and vegetables; exceptional products for the palate and the wellness of the body, make Peru a land of unique delicacies.

Peru is home of grains such as quinoa, amaranth, canihua; nuts like sacha inchi and Amazonian nuts; and, fruits like camu camu, avocados, grapes and lucuma, all included on the category of Super Foods Peru.
Unveiling the Extraordinary: Exploring the nutritional powerhouses of Peruvian superfoods, from the Amazon to the Andes

According to PROMPERÚ Hong Kong and South East Asia’s Trade Commissioner Erick Aponte, most consumers across the region are also now focusing on products that offer alternatives to traditionally consumed items, as well as those that will provide health benefits.

“Peru is one of the world’s top 10 exporters of avocados, artichokes, organic bananas, organic cacao, grapes, peppers and mangoes. In Asia, the main Peruvian superfoods exported to Asia include grapes, blueberries, citrus, avocados, quinoa, and chia.” he added.

PROMPERÚ is the tourism and trade board for Peru under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and tourism. With its South-East Asia trade office in Hong Kong, PROMPERÚ has launched the "Superfood from Peru" campaign since 2017 to promote the Peruvian superfoods in the region.

Asia currently accounts for 9% of all Peruvian agri-food exports worldwide. China is the biggest Asian market for Peruvian produce, with a 30% share of all exports, followed by Hong Kong (20%), South Korea (14%), Japan (12%) and Indonesia (8%). 🇵🇵🇵🇵



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