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No. 1 Best Selling Syrup in France  

When asked to name a syrup, almost everyone in France names Teisseire. 


Established in 1720, Teisseire is the No.1 Syrup brand in France and is renowned for its great quality, passion and expertise in capturing the true essence of flavours. Offering a high-quality uniquely crafted, high quality syrup made with real fruit and naturally filtered water from the French Alps.


Nearly 300 years ago, in the foothills of the French Alps, Mathieu Teisseire was so inspired by the taste of ripe, juicy cherries that he created a liqueur that truly captured the rich flavour of the fruit.


Over the last three centuries, our syrups have elevated the taste experience of countless glasses of water, refreshing cool drinks, cups of coffee & tea, and mocktails & cocktails of every kind.


Now, Teisseire has become a true global brand presenting in more than 60 countries. 

The Very Best Ingredients from all over the World 


  • Water  –  we use naturally filtered, untreated water from the Romanche valley in the French Alps. The water is a key ingredient for a great quality, authentic product. The clean and neutral taste allows the full flavour to shine through.

  • Fruit juice and plant extracts – we source fruit and plant extracts from all over the world. Many of our competitors have very little fruit. 

  • Flaours – are carefully chosen and selectively added to Teisseire syrups to overcome fruit variations and allow consistency in the product

  • Sugar – Sucrose from beet or sugar cane and glucose-fructose syrup from corn or wheat are used

  • Colouring - natural materials such as fruit or plant extracts. Examples: carrot juice, paprika extract or caramel. Synthetic colorings is used when colors are not easily found naturally in nature, such as blue for ‘Le Blue’.

  • Preservative -  Teisseire doesn’t use preservative. The citric acid in some products is a natural preservative naturally found in citrus fruits.

Add A Dash Of

French Flair

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100% Made in France

​Teisseire is sold in 60 countries around the world. To maintain product quality and safety, each bottle of Teisseire is manufactured and packaged in our factory in Crolles, France.

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High Fruit Content 

Our fruit content is ahead of many competitors. Whilst there is variation, Teisseire very often leads; passion fruit is a good example: a best-selling flavour where fruit content is higher than any of our main competition! 

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Experienced R&D Team

Our dedicated team of R&D experts are highly

trained to recognise sensory descriptors and blend

flavours to create unique syrup. Every year, the R&D team develops 2,000+ new recipes

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Colouring and Additives 

Natural colouring from fruit and plant extracts are used. Synthetic colourings are only used when colours are not easily found naturally in nature, such as blue for "Le Blue"

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Secret Recipes 

Our production process utilises two different types of sugar, delivering a greater depth and a more complex flavour. This combination means that we have syrup that has less crystallisation and mixes effortlessly in both cold and hot drinks. Less crystallisation delivers improved operational efficiency through less wastage.

Teisseire Syrup

Professional Range

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True Flavour. Authentic Taste  

Our passion for concentrating flavours means we take the finest ingredients and craft unique recipes into flavours that are as close to the real thing as possible. Our recipes prioritise the flavour, without being overly ‘sugary’

Teisseire fruit range
Teisseire coffee range.jpg
Teisseire flower range.jpg
Teisseire cocktail range.jpg


Brand Name:              Teisseire

Country of origin:      France

Brand website:  

Company:                   Walton Possesion Ltd

Nature of business:     Distributor

Covered regions:         Hong Kong, Macau

Min Order Qty: 


Telephone:                   (852) 2873-3810


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