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Creative Menu Design and Cooking Techniques Workshop for Residential Care Homes for the Elderly

GO Natural Food Guide x Adventist Hospital
Creative Menu Design and Cooking Techniques Workshop for Residential Care Homes for the Elderly 

With a focus on chefs and dietitians, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital is committed to offering enhanced menu design inspiration and cooking techniques to their counterparts in residential care homes for the elderly. The objective is to enable them to prepare easy-to-cook, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals and soft foods that promote the well-being of the elderly, fostering a happier and healthier dining experience.

Additionally, the hospital's dietitians will provide crucial nutritional guidance and specific dietary recommendations to individual residential care homes for the elderly. This support extends to homes catering to patients with illnesses and cancer, ensuring their unique dietary needs are met.


Our aspiration for this event is to facilitate the gathering of chefs and nutritionists from diverse facilities, fostering an environment where they can collaborate, exchange ideas, and enhance their professional skills.


Part 1: Superfoods

  • Introduce various superfoods that help improve mood and reduce inflammation.

  • In-depth understanding of popular superfoods such as quinoa, chia seeds, etc., and their benefits and application methods for elderly health.

  • Share cooking techniques.

  • Share creative dishes: Provide delightful dishes for the elderly during special occasions.

  • Cooking demonstrations: Avocado mosse with chia seed yogurt, vacuum-cooked garlic with soft rolls, pomegranate pearls, seaweed sauce with rice.


Part 2: Soft Meal Diets

  • Teach methods for preparing different soft meals.

  • Select suitable and avoidable ingredients.

  • Food safety regulations.

  • Nutritional guidelines.

  • Share daily recipes: Provide more dish options from practical operational perspectives.

  • Cooking demonstrations: Steamed tofu with julienned carrots/carrots puree, mashed peas, pumpkin custard, cabbage-wrapped purple sweet potato rolls.


Part 3: Discussion and Sharing Session

  • Encourage participants to communicate with each other and share experiences.

  • Dietitians will also provide nutritional counseling and dietary advice for individual care homes with specific needs related to illness and cancer.

Chef Ken HKAH
About the Speakers

Adventist Hopsital - Tsuen Wan

Executive Chef Ken

With over 30 years of culinary and food and beverage experience, Ken has worked at Cafe Kool and BiTe restaurant in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel for nearly 15 years. Whether it's creating exquisite vegetarian dishes tailored for VIPs in private hospital rooms or meatless buffets in staff canteens, Ken can design unique vegetarian dishes for different audiences.

Mr Wong Chi-Wing HKAH

Adventist Hospital 

Director of Food & Dietetic,

Registered Dietitian

Mr. Wong Chi Wing 

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital is unique in Hong Kong as the only hospital that provides exclusively vegetarian meals. It offers high-quality vegan, lacto-ovo, and gluten-free meals for all types of customers. 


Wing brings a wealth of experience as a nutrition consultant, having served in that capacity for esteemed establishments such as Shangri-La Hotel Group and InterContinental Hong Kong. During his tenure, Wing successfully designed a range of wholesome, meatless menus to cater to the discerning tastes of their customers. Furthermore, he extends his expertise by providing valuable nutritional guidance, training, and hosting specialized workshops for various segments of the catering industry and organizations.

Participants : Chefs, nutritionists, and dietitians from residential care homes for the elderly in Hong Kong

Organizer : GO Natural Food Guide x Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Date : November 27, 2023 (Monday)

Time : 2:30pm to 4:00pm (1.5 hours)

Language : Cantonese

Location : Adventist Hospital (Tsuen Wan), 6/F, Main Building 

Address : 199 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan

Sign-up Deadline: November 23, 2023

Fee : HK$299 per person 


(852) 8202-0126

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