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Matakana Superfoods

Matakana SuperFoods was founded 10 years ago by Dr Kevin Glucina (a world leader in superfood nutrition), and now has more than 70 lines of superfood products.


As New Zealand’s original superfood company, Matakana SuperFoods was first to market with some of today’s favourite everyday products including, chia seeds, maqui, goji and acai berries, coconut sugar and fermented sauces, as well as their icon Supergreens and Supershake blends. Health and wellbeing have always been a priority for Dr Glucina. Having spent the previous 30 years involved in the health industry, researching the benefits of superfoods is now his main passion.

Company:                 Matakana SuperFoods Limited

Brand Name:            Matakana SuperFoods

Nature of business:   brand owner, distributors

Registered country:  New Zealand

Brand website: 

Brand Facebook:


Looking for distributors / importers in the following countries and regions :

All Asia


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