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Accredited Fish Farm Scheme

Sustainable Seafood in Hong Kong 

Being the top per capita seafood consumption, Hong Kong has been importing much of the seafood from overseas while local farms only supply less than 5% of the fish and seafood products to the city’s market. In other words, the

potential of local fish and seafood farming is enormous.

Assurance of Safety and Traceability


The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) Hong Kong has been embarking on a mission to ensure the sustainability of local fish and seafood farms. Launched in 2005, the Accredited Fish Farm Scheme (AFFS) is an initiative of the AFCD Hong Kong which aims to uphold the quality and safety of local aquaculture products.


Under the Scheme, quality assurance tests are undergone to ensure products comply with relevant statutory safety

standards, namely heavy metals, drug residues and microbial quality of water. By providing quality and safe aquaculture products to the public, the scheme promotes the sustainable development of the local aquaculture


Currently, more than 150 local fish farms have joined the Scheme that supplies a wide variety of live fish, chilled and frozen local high-quality aquatic products, including grey mullet, jade perch, pompano, giant grouper, Japanese seabass, red snapper, star snapper, cobia, etc.

Benefits of

AFFS Products


Locally & Sustainably Produced

  • Fresh & high-quality

  • Lower carbon emission

  • Sustainable development of the local aquaculture industry

Food Safety

Safety Assured


  • No drug residues

  • No malachite green

  • No excessive levels of heavy metals



  • Culture environment & water quality of registered fish farms are regularly monitored

  • QR code attached on each accredited product

  • Certificates and fish farm information

Government Support

Government Support


  • Reducing additional time and costs for QA & food safety tests

  • Fully supported by AFCD with technical assistance

AFFS in Media

(available in Chinese only)

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
優質養魚場計劃 – 海魚試食篇:同麥包試食魚排即撈優質魚
Play Video

優質養魚場計劃 – 海魚試食篇:同麥包試食魚排即撈優質魚

優質養魚場計劃 – 海魚篇:由麥包帶你參觀南丫島索罟灣魚排
Play Video

優質養魚場計劃 – 海魚篇:由麥包帶你參觀南丫島索罟灣魚排

優質養魚場計劃 - 參觀魚塘篇:參觀香港美麗的魚塘、加工場及 試食優質魚
Play Video

優質養魚場計劃 - 參觀魚塘篇:參觀香港美麗的魚塘、加工場及 試食優質魚


Brand Name:             Accredited Fish Farm Scheme (AFFS) 

Country of origin:       Hong Kong

Brand website: 

Company:                  Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Covered regions:        Hong Kong

Min Order Qty:             --


Telephone:                  (852) 2150-7088 (Marine Fish) / 2471-9142 (Pond Fish)


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