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Refrigerated Goods

Brand Highlights

Find new products that will create excitement in your stores.

AFFS - Sustainable Seafood in HK

Accredited Fish Farm Scheme (AFFS) currently supplies a wide variety of live fish, chilled and frozen local high-quality aquatic products, including grey mullet, jade perch, pompano, giant grouper, Japanese seabass, red snapper, star snapper, cobia, etc.


Matakana - Superfoods

The company was founded in New Zealand by Dr. Kevin Glucina 10 years ago and currently has more than 70 superfood product lines.

Matakana SuperFoods

Goodio -

Vegan Chocolate

Handmade in Helsinki with local wild blueberry and sea buckthorn, mint and cranberries, the brand uses Indonesian and Sri Lankan coconut palm sugar which has a low Glycemic Index. 

Goodio vegan chocolate

World of Chia - 

Chia Fruit Spreads

The fruit spreads has only 4 ingredients - fruit, chia, lime juice and natural sweetener. Sweetened with organic agave nectar from Mexico, it is naturally low on the glycemic index.Vegan,gluten-free and preservative-free.

World of Chia.jpg

KAV enCore -

Meal Replacement

KAV enCore Nutritional Shakes, a line of meal-replacement shakes designed to enhance nutrition and weight loss programs that are used and endorsed by four-time world champion boxer Leo Santa Cruz and MMA champ Jenae "Turbo" Noonan

Vegan Original Packet Shaker.jpg

Fushi Wellness - Natural Foods

Fushi, meaning ‘eternal life’, began with the combined cultural heritage of Rannesh and Ria and from Ayurvedic family recipes handed down by their grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create pure, natural remedies.

Fushi Wellness Oil

Teisseire - Syrup 

Teisseire is the oldest and biggest syrup brand in France and member of the Britvic Group. Mathieu Teisseire is a leader in French, with its flavoured syrups used to add delicious tastes and aromas to water, coffee, cocktails, cold drinks, desserts and more. 

Teisseire Syrups
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