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Company:Everything Organic Ltd



Human Bean 低鹽味蠶豆 | Lightly Salted Faba Beans (8 x 20g) Multipack

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  • 原產地 Country of Origin: 澳洲 Australia

    淨重 Net Weight : 160g

    每箱件數 Pcs per Carton : 4

    保質期 (月) Shelf Life (Months) : 12

    建議零售價 RSP : HK$42


  • 品牌名稱 Brand Name : HUMAN BEAN


    來自澳洲自家農場,來源可靠有保証。 蠶豆不含麩質、堅果,及乳製品,連花生過敏者都啱食


    Human Bean grows their own faba beans which are fully traceable from paddock to plate. The faba beans are gluten free, nut free and dairy free. Made in Australia.