Trade Promotion Services 

We are a full-service marketing and trade promotion agency specializing in natural food, beverage, health and wellness brands and businesses. We define strategies, develop brands, and nurture relationships, giving meaning to marketing and cultivating success.

To Buyers - Sourcing Without Searching

Sourcing the right product can be a time-consuming process. Our complementary business matching services will find the right supplies for you who meet your requirements. 


All you need is just to email your requirements to us. Once we spot the right suppliers,  we will provide their contact details to you so you can discuss with them direct. 

To Brand Owners and Suppliers - Publicity 

Our editors are always happy to hear your story ideas or consider an article for publication, eNewsletters (emailed to 5,000+ contact in the food and hospitality industry in Asia), website, and Facebook, so please get in touch. 

Other Devices - Event Management 

We have over 20 years of experience creating Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumers (B2C) events. In collaboration with celebrities and local chefs, we have produced 100+ new product launches, press conferences, food/wine tasting events, food festivals, and in-store promotions events.


亞洲⼈口⼀路邁向老化,年經⼀代追求更優質的生活,市場上對天然及有機產品的需求更是有增無少。 我們公司早於 2005 便涉⾜天然有機行業,親歷天然有機產品由⼩衆玩意,漸漸變成近年越來越受普羅⼤衆歡迎的生活必需品,亦目睹不同品牌發展的盛衰。我們深信我們對整個⾏業的發展,對客戶及其對手的了解,以及我們十多年來的成功經驗,是其他公司不能相比的。



如果你是買家 - 正尋找新的天然有機食品、飲品、食材作採購…

尋找合適產品,並進行採購是一個非常耗時的過程。 現在,你只需要將你想採購的產品要求(例如:需要5KG來自墨西哥的有機龍舌蘭糖槳),電郵給我們。我們會在我們龐大的供應商資料庫中,尋找符合你要求的供應商,並提供他們的聯絡資料,方便你跟他們直接查詢。此項貿易配對服務,費用全免。

如果你是供應商 - 有新產品、活動訊息發佈...

歡迎你把相關中文和/或英文資訊及圖片電郵給我,我們會揀選合適的於我們刋物、電子報 (發給亞洲區餐飲業超過5,000名人士)、網站、及Facebook 刋登。費用全免。

其他服務 - 活動及展覽策劃管理

我們的核心團隊擁有超過⼆十年的大型活動策劃及管理經驗,曾舉辦的活動包括:世界最⼤天然有機健康產品展覽會 Natural Products Expo West 及Natural Products Expo East 等。